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Consultations with our specialized staff  in studying abroad

The first step is to simplify the multiple choices of courses and programs offered, so we can select the one that best suits your needs. The better practice here is to get what we call “academic questions” which refers to one or more interviews with our qualified staff to help dismiss options according to your interests. These consultations are free, regardless of the number of interviews you could possibly need, and may be done in our offices or online.

The academic advisers of our organization will be there to clarify your doubts at all times. Once you know the program you want to perform, we will formally register you through a series of worksheets, and we will start the paperwork.

However, we have created a section on our website called programs and institutions designed to yourself to research, select, and compare the different options of studies on language programs and higher education, so that our advisers and you do not waste time to start the process. You just have to give us your details at the end of your search process and we will automatically set an appointment with you.

Here is a list of basic services you can expect from Language Connections

Basic services

  • Application to your program of choice to receive the letter of acceptance from your institution
  • Collect documentations for study visa application
  • Give information to the student about airfares and medical insurance
  • Find a place to reside. Whether is a homestay, residence or apartment
  • Orientation service (only in Toronto and Montreal, Canada)

Orientation Service (available only in Toronto and Montreal, Canada)

  • Reception at the airport
  • Introduction to the family home
  • Tour on public transport Toronto
  • City tour
  • Opening a Canadian bank account
  • Opening the wireless telephone account
  • Study visa and study permit extensions



FAQ: Language Courses

These dates may vary by location, however in the majority of our institutions the starting dates are in September. Some institutions have alternative dates such as January or May; however for information tailored to your chosen institution please speak with one of our representatives. The most important thing is to identify on time what you would like to study and let us know.

I am currently studying an undergraduate or postgraduate program in my country of residence. Is there a chance to continue my studies in one of the colleges or universities offered by Language Connections?

That will depend on how compatible your curriculum is with the one taught by the colleges and universities. The process implies that the student must translate the detailed syllabus of his or her program of studies so that it can be evaluated and compared by the university or college in which you wish to apply.

If you are currently studying at an institution within the same country and you wish to transfer to another through our services there are various programs in place to do so. Please contact us for more information.