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FAQ: Language Courses

These dates may vary by location, however in the majority of our institutions the starting dates are in September. Some institutions have alternative dates such as January or May; however for information tailored to your chosen institution please speak with one of our representatives. The most important thing is to identify on time what you would like to study and let us know.

I am currently studying an undergraduate or postgraduate program in my country of residence. Is there a chance to continue my studies in one of the colleges or universities offered by Language Connections?

That will depend on how compatible your curriculum is with the one taught by the colleges and universities. The process implies that the student must translate the detailed syllabus of his or her program of studies so that it can be evaluated and compared by the university or college in which you wish to apply.

If you are currently studying at an institution within the same country and you wish to transfer to another through our services there are various programs in place to do so. Please contact us for more information.

FAQ: Accommodation

This is the most complicated option for students. In most of the cases, the condominiums ask for a deposit of two to four months, also, a reference letter from banks and people. This last two are the most difficult to get, usually students don’t have these requirements. It all depends on the country you have chosen.

FAQ: Insurance

We have established partnerships with specialized insurers in international students to provide quality medical service. Policies vary slightly from one another, but in most of them offer comprehensive services that ensure our customers from addressing the airplane; flight luggage is also insured against any loss.

We have various plans that facilitate the stay of our students abroad. In the case of suffering from any disease or health disadvantage, doctors are directed to the student’s home to assess your situation, you just make a call and report the problem.

In addition, you will not have to worry about paying the doctor and wait for the insurance company will reimburse you, another of our benefits is that the cost of medicines concept is also included.

For more information about the coverage you have requested insurance, please contact your representative of Language Connections.