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We are a group of professionals looking forward to promote international education and enhance World citizens civic culture. It is a priority for us to help the ones in most need or the ones who just simply never had opportunities through educational development.

In this matter, we are looking to support foundations or projects that will provide initiatives oriented to improve and strengthen communities focus on Social work and those who are in need.

Plan Canada- Is a Non Profit Organization which goal is to end with the world’s extreme poverty.

World MUN- they are organized events by universities and colleges around the world with the purpose of debating topics that affects all nations. LC supports this initiative so many students from Latin America can attempt annually the prestigious Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts which gathers an approximate of 3000 students from over 270 Universities world wide.

 The Idea is that different student delegations from all over the world can compete to win a debate that affects the nations. The particularity of this model is that the conference takes place in a different country every year. Cities such as Edinburgh, Beijing, Ginebra, Puebla, La Haya, Singapur y Vancouver have been the host of this international competition.