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LC Dear Community,

Since our inception, when we were students of the business school at one of the most recognized Colleges of Toronto, our purpose has been to advise fellow international students to not suffer the various obstacles that were presented to us upon arrival in Canada. This motivation, together with an entrepreneurial mindset and effort of many, led us to engage in Language Connections depending on the opportunity he had to incorporate comprehensive services to the international education industry.

Our idea was simple, keep within our student community information and provide security assistance and support to students and their representatives before, during and after your trip. Today, this is the backbone of culture and business ethics of Language Connections.

From early in this difficult but pleasant experience it has been many students, their representatives, educational institutions, co-workers and family who have enabled this vision to be part of the lives of thousands of students today. In this sense, and with great optimism to improve every day, we want to thank you for your support. Thank you for trusting us, be patient in difficult moments and enthusiasm as we celebrate the accomplishments of our students and other members of our community. Thanks for keeping us motivated to improve everyday and innovate for the future and the potential of students and ourselves.

Once again, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to star in the development of Language Connections. We wish them every success in achieving your goals and your personal and professional projects are full of learning and happiness.

Astrid Marsicobetre Leonardo Villarroel
Executive President of Sales